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The Blue Girl

Updated: Nov 19, 2023

Although this isn’t a tutorial week I got a bit carried away with the underwater theme after last week’s tutorial and wanted to try filling half a room with water which is how ‘The Blue Girl’ came about. I photographed myself against a blank wall in my living room with a floor to ceiling window diagonally to my left for light. Isn’t window light beautiful?

In Photoshop I duplicated photos of the blank wall and skewed them to make the wall look like a room.

Room created in Photoshop

The water and water line came from this shot of otters (aw, otters!) that I shot at some zoo or other.


The tears were eye drops applied by my assistant (Mum).

The Blue Girl fake tears

The ship and the birds were from my own stock collection.

The Blue Girl stock

The rain came from Jessica Drossin’s ‘Force of Nature’ weather effects pack. Various textures were used to give the image a stormy feel.

And that’s how I became the saddest girl in the room!

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