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About Hayley

As a child I was enchanted with the fairy tales my parents read to me, believing the world was full of magic and mystery. Through photography I bring to life the kinds of stories I adored in my youth. These are the stories that bend and break the rules of reality. Where magic is part of the fabric of the universe.

I am a self-taught photographer who uses trick photography and Photoshop, along with characters, costumes, props and posing, to blend fantasy into the every day. My stories for walls offer an escape into a more interesting reality where people and the natural environment coexist in a harmonious relationship with just a touch of magic.

Hayley Roberts

My work has been featured on a number of book covers and included in publications such as PhotoPlus Magazine, the Huffington Post, Bored Panda, Digital Photography School, and Our Narangba Magazine, among others. My portraits have been winners and finalists in the Heritage Bank Photographic Awards, MAMA National Photography Prize, Bowness Photography Prize, Brisbane Art Awards, Myself Prize, Clayton Utz Art Awards, Milburn Art Prize and Contemporary Art Awards.

It has been exhibited in solo, joint and group exhibitions as outlined in my media kit.

I live in Brisbane, Australia and run an online photography school, Creative Photo Folk, where I help photographers learn in-camera tricks and Photoshop techniques to transform their photos into exciting art that sells.

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