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A newborn photo shoot with a difference

Updated: Nov 19, 2023

Recently the opportunity to do a newborn photo shoot literally fell into my lap – when my neighbour handed me this doll and suggested I use it in a photo. Made by Reborn Baby Central, it’s delightfully creepy so how could I resist?

From Reborn Baby Central

It sat in my room for a few days mocking me with its lifelikeness and I had to continually check that it hadn’t opened its eyes while my back was turned. But eventually I grew fond of the damn thing and so I decided to photograph it as if it were a newborn (or in this case, reborn) baby. I enjoy the work that newborn photographers do but I sadly lack whatever maternal hormones are required for baby-rearing and so being able to do a baby shoot without unintentionally hurting it, upsetting it, or getting pooped on was immensely appealing. People that are parents, I salute you.

I did a little research into newborn photography techniques and learnt that with the right props, a shallow depth of field and some basic compositing skills it’s not such a tricky thing to do. Although I’m sure the actual difficulty lies in trying to keep a real life child asleep or amused.

There are a number of Photoshop tricks newborn photographers employ, like reducing skin redness, selective blurring and skin softening and I thought it was hilarious that this doll is so lifelike that it has red skin patches, wrinkles and discolouration that I needed to retouch just like a real child. I’ve also discovered how to use Photoshop’s mixer brush to retouch skin which is my new favourite thing.

Actual background and before skin retouching

Actual background and before skin retouching

Naturally, being a vampire baby I then had to do some fancy Photoshop work to give the images a dark twist. I have tried to do this tastefully as someone pointed out that people may take offence. I genuinely hope this isn’t the case and that these images can be enjoyed for the lighthearted fun they are. Let me know your favourite!

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